Searching for Elegant Trogans

“Have any trogans been sited recently?” we asked when we checked into the Southwestern Research Station in Cave Creek, Arizona.

“We saw three during last week’s bird tour,” the tour leader relayed. “We saw them near the bridge over the road into the South Fork Picnic Area. They were not calling.”

We were hopefully optimistic.

I began hearing about trogans almost as soon as I became an avid birder five years ago. The opportunity to delight in the abundant and varied species of birds in southeast Arizona would be sufficient reward for the visit; however, it was the Elegant Trogan that was the biggest lure.

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One thought on “Searching for Elegant Trogans

  1. My husband’s family use to own a ranch in Wagon Mound. Looking east from the front porch of the “Jullian Place” the ruts of the Santa Fe Trail are still very visible.

    This story brought back memories of cattle drives and other adventures we had before the ranch was sold.



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