Polar Bears – You Can Make a Difference

This morning on Good Morning America, ABC News highlighted the plight of the Polar Bear and provided information on how we could help. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing to put polar bears on the endangered species list, due to the effects of climate change. They will be studying this issue during 2007 and reaching a decision by year’s end. They are accepting comments until March 27.

As a lot of global warming nay saying continues, comments in support of this measure are needed. So often only people who opposed a measure turn out and speak up. A town hall meeting recently in Albuquerque is an example. City Council members sought the public’s opinion on red light cameras. While they clearly have reduced the number of drivers who speed through an intersection as the light changes to red, the majority of people who turned out for the meeting were those who got caught and wanted the cameras eliminated. I thought about submitting my appreciation for the measure that helps me feel safer when I drive. But I let the moment pass.

Kevin Paulson, who posted his congressional testimony as a comment to my article, shared his belief that the Polar Bear should not be put on the endangered species list. If you are concerned about the plight of the Polar Bear and the effects of global warming, I encourage you to share your opinions. For more information, check out the Fish and Wildlife web page. Comments can be e-mailed to Polar_Bear_findings@fws.org.

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